When someone you love is diagnosed with an eating disorder, you feel scared and helpless. 

Whether they are your child, your partner, or another family member, you cannot help but feel the pressure and stress. 

Outside of the people in your loved one's support system, who else really gets how difficult this is?

It's time for you to get support from others who understand what you're going through!

In this group meeting, you will:

  • Learn about a specific topic relating to supporting your loved one who has been diagnosed with an eating disorder.

  • Participate in discussion with other support people who are having similar experiences with their loved ones.

  • Get answers to your eating disorder-related questions.

  • Feel less lonely as you talk with people who are in the same situation as you.

Register for the Next Session

Monday, June 20th @5pm PST


  • Who is this meeting for?

    This meeting is for parents, partners, and others who have a loved one with an eating disorder.

  • What will happen in the meeting?

    Your questions about eating disorders and how to be supportive will be addressed, and you will get support from people who understand what you are experiencing.

  • Do I need to attend every month?

    You can sign up any month you would like to attend. The topics and discussion will change each time, so you can attend every month!

  • Can my loved one with the eating disorder attend too?

    No, because I want you to feel the freedom to ask questions and participate in discussion openly without worrying about triggering or hurting your loved one who has the eating disorder.